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The Most Eco-Friendly Short Term Rental Company in Oklahoma

Updated: Apr 6

Are you an eco-conscious traveler looking for a short term rental home that offers more sustainable options? Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint while still enjoying a comfortable stay? Look no further than Pro Familia Homes!

Located in central Oklahoma, Pro Familia Homes is women-owned short term rental and co-hosting business that helps families find safe, clean & welcoming accommodations. Pro Familia Homes is committed to being eco-friendly and providing guests opportunities to make environmentally friendly choices during their short term rental stay.

Here are a few ways that Pro Familia Homes is helping the environment and offering sustainable choices for guests:

With every booking, we contribute to a greener tomorrow!

Through our partnership with Ecologi, an amazing B-Corp devoted to eco-restoration and conservation efforts around the world, we plant one tree in your honor. Your stay helps reduce deforestation levels and lower carbon footprints everywhere. So you can book smarter - knowing future generations will thank us all for it!

We design with energy efficiency in mind.

At our short term rentals, we've thought of every detail to make sure your stay is as energy efficient and comfortable as possible. LED light bulbs provide a bright atmosphere without drawing too much electricity, while blinds & curtains serve their part in providing some relief from the heat of summer days! Plus our HVAC system is well-maintained so you can rest easy knowing that it's running at its peak efficiency - all topped off with ceiling fans for an extra cool breeze throughout the home.

"And for us, the two biggest things that can we make the guests happier and how can we continue to green our business?" – Bob Garner, an environmental advocate and owner of Casal Dei Fichi in the Marche region of Central Italy.

We utilize refillable bottles and buy in bulk.

We buy shampoo, conditioner, body wash, dish soap, hand wash, and hand sanitizer in large bulk quantities. Our preferred brand of shampoo and conditioner is by ONEKA, a Canadian based company that values water conservation, permaculture, and sustainable practices. (We refill our bottles of ONEKA products at ReSupply in Norman, you should check them out when you're in town!) Instead of using hotel-style plastic bottles, we refill the bottles and help reduce single use plastics.

We’ve gone paperless.

Rather than offering a printed guidebook inside the home (that becomes quickly outdated), we offer digital guidebooks through Hostfully. The digital guidebooks help guests access all necessary information about a property. We also utilize bamboo toilet paper (instead of toilet paper made from virgin tree pulp). Bamboo is a quick growing, renewable source which makes it an excellent alternative to traditional toilet paper made from trees.

We help conserve water.

To help stop any leaks before they get out of control, we use leak detection devices to notify us to increased humidity and possible leaks. This helps prevent property damage and saves us on our short term rental insurance premiums! We've installed water-efficient, low-flow toilets and fixtures to conserve water on a daily basis. These tools help save water and do not sacrifice the high water pressure in the home.

We reduce, reuse and recycle.

Instead of using new, plastic bags for the bathroom trash cans, we reuse plastic bags from local retailers. They’re the perfect size for the bathroom trash cans and give those bags a second purpose. We offer re-useable, cloth grocery bags so guests can use these bags for their local grocery shopping. Extra cardboard packaging and other recyclable products are rinsed clean and tossed loose into the residential recycling bins offered by the local municipalities.

Do you want to be a more sustainable traveler?

As a guest at a Pro Familia Homes short term rental, your actions can make a big impact, too! Click the image below for 10 Tips for a Sustainable Short Term Stay.

What are you doing to be a more sustainable traveler? We believe every little action helps. What tips would you suggest we try to incorporate in the future?

By choosing Pro Familia Homes for your next short term rental stay, you can enjoy a comfortable and convenient home away from home while also contributing to a more sustainable future.

Book your stay today at and experience the benefits of eco-friendly travel!


Coming to Oklahoma City in the near future? We'd love to host you and your family at one of our short term rentals in OKC. Book direct and you'll get the lowest rates plus free early check-in! 


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