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Co-Hosting FAQs

It's important to find the right partner to manger your property. See if our Co-Hosting services would be a good fit!

What is co-hosting? 

As a co-host for your property, we'll handle everything related to guests (i.e. listing optimization, communications, pricing, turnovers, etc.) and keeping the property safe for guests. 


What is not provided by a co-host?

As co-hosts, we are looking for owners who want to be partners with their property. This is because we are not property managers. We provide light maintenance for the property, but we don't handle property issues. This is the responsibility of the owner. 


What is included in "light property maintenance"?

Our team is equipped for light maintenance issues, such as changing lightbulbs, batteries, air filters, tightening hardware & door knobs, and light paint touch-ups.


What is not included in "light property maintenance"?

Our team does not provide plumbing, electrical, HVAC, construction or removal of biohazards. We recommend owners provide a list of preferred vendors, so we can contact them in the event of an emergency. Otherwise, owners are responsible for finding vendors & making appointments to handles these types of situations. 


What kind of properties do you co-host? 

While numerous factors influence whether we'll accept a new property into our collection, we like to think of co-hosting as a tripod: homes, owners, and our team. 

  • Homes will be safe & well designed to provide an exceptional guest experience.

  • Owners are committed to reinvesting into their property and have realistic financial expectations.

  • Our team has the resources & capacity available to fully co-host your property.

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Think we may be a good fit for you and your property? 

Schedule a consultation to learn more!

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