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Our Story

Pro Familia quite simply is ‘For the Family’.

This formal idea of our business materialized out of an unplanned opportunity that occurred during 2020. The house next to our home became available to purchase. We acquired the house and spent the better part of 2020, navigating our way through a quarantine, and a pandemic providing some much-needed repairs and improvements to this property.
We initially envisioned turning this space into a place for extra income, such as a short term rental. Throughout this endeavor, beloved family joined our plight and began making this idea into a reality. The original notion of an income opportunity quickly evolved into a broader purpose.
This project, during an extremely difficult year, was a watershed moment in our family. The experience enlightened our family. We began to view this place as a foundation where we could build a business that was greater than the sum of its parts.
We began to think about how we could contribute to our neighborhood, our community, our family, and its future.