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Alarm Clock

Time it

Failure to check-out on time may result in a minimum $70 fee.

Dish Washer

Wash it

Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher and run the load

Light Bulb

Turn it

Turn off the lights, TV & stove

White Bed Linens

Leave it

Leave used beds unmade

Black Dog

Pick it

Pick up pet waste from the yard and discard in trash bin

Person Checking Graphs on Smartphone

Check it

Double check that you have all of your belongings. 


Put it

Put used towels in the bathroom

Adjusting Temperature

Adjust it

Turn the thermostat to 65 degrees (heat) or 73 degrees (AC)


Lock it

Lock all the doors when you leave

Green Trash Bag

Trash it

Take trash out to the green garbage bin

Man with Briefcase

Take it

Whatever you brought in (suitcase, food, the dog, etc.) take it with you when you leave

Keys on Ring

Return it

Return the physical key to the lockbox, if used

Later today, or in the next few days, please leave us a review.

A 5-star review tells future guests that you'd stay here again.

Hosting others is a journey and we are open to your ideas on how to improve our hospitality services and our properties in a private message.

Checking out is easy.

No heavy lifting required!

As if you were leaving your own house for an extended amount of time, here are a few tips that will help us during the turnover cleaning. 

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